About the Program


UG Programs
The college runs a 5 years degree program- Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)

Choice based curriculum -
School remaining within the curriculum of university has been able to provide choice based curriculum through the implementation of college projects and electives based on student’s choice in concurrence with the subject teachers.

Integrated Programs and projects -
The school has begun taking up live Architectural projects to continuously expose students and faculty to the practical project scenario.

Credit requirements -
The minimum credit required for award of a B.Arch degree is 340.Out of which (36x9)=324 credits are normally divided into theory courses, Studios, Electives, seminars and projects in the duration of nine semesters. And 16 credits will be granted for completion of professional practice of 16 weeks.

Evaluation of College projects -
Seminars Tutorials, Additional classes for any course. Guest lectures, putting up exhibitions, workshops, participating in Architectural competitions or conducting site visits or study tours.

Attendance -
Attendance of 85% in Theory, Studio, Seminar and Project Dissertation is compulsory for keeping the term.

Course commencement -
Classes for 1st year of a 5 yrs B.Arch courses shall commence on 1ST Aug’2016

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Programme of Study -
The minimum duration of Architectural programme shall be 5 academic years or 10 semesters of approximately 16 working weeks each, inclusive of one year of approximately 16 working weeks of practical training after the first stage in a professional office. The architectural courses are conducted in two stages. The first three academic years comprising of 6 semesters of approximately 16 working weeks each is the first stage of the basic programme. The candidates shall have to complete first stage within 5 years of their admission to the B .arch programme. The second stage of the course shall be of 2 years/4semestersofapproximately 16 working weeks each.

A successful professional is the end product of a dedicated teacher’s hard-work and perseverance. The faculty at Nitte SOA is highly qualified, experienced and resourceful. They are devoted towards the unrestricted learning of their students and are committed towards exploring modern and creative methods of teaching.

All the teachers hold a masters degree and many are pursuing PhD. They have extensive experience in their respective areas of specializations, the faculty at Nitte SOA is chosen based on the parameters of their expertise in the field, compassion towards students and dedication towards the field of architectural education.

We have required numbers of 9 full time faculty members for various positions as professors, associate Professors, assistant professor both on full-time and visiting basis. Additionally about 8 faculties are associated with the institute for various guest lectures, seminars and architectural events. We also have design chair who is an expert from the practicing field of architecture. The faculty together forms the knowledge hub of Nitte SOA. The institute is associated with most of the renowned Architectural Firms.